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Operating a fair, festival, or event can be a huge undertaking.  Why not take some of the pressure off by offering an action-packed family event......a Demolition Derby.  A Demolition Derby can be an effective way to provide entertainment and increase your event's admission, community involvement, and overall event satisfaction.
We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about Thomas Motorsport, LLC, and the "all-American car-crashing" opportunity that awaits your fair, festival, or event.  We look forward to working with you and tailoring a Demolition Derby that will fit both you and your venue's needs and budget, while providing entertainment for the whole family.  Not to mention increasing profitability of your fair, festival, or event.
Please call for Demolition Derby price quotes and open dates.


Just inspecting the tires...nope, nothing in here....

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The new 2014 Rules are now available on the website and will be added to Facebook.  Please note that significant changes have been made to the Compact Class.


If you are interested in a Demolition Derby event in 2014, dates are booking fast.  Please contact Ralph Thomas at 304-889-3256 for more information, price quotes, and available dates.



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